Itchy feet

Recently, CCP sent me an offer I could not refuse: 50% off a 3 month subscription. Interestingly, I only saw this on my wormhole account. Anyway, the offer made me resubscribe my wormhole hunter even though I don’t think there will be a lot of time to fly her.

The last months I have spend my time almost exclusively with trading. While it is not the most exciting thing to do it is always interesting/surprising to see how easy Isk can be made due to the laziness of other players. In the last 3 months I was able to make about 12B Isk, not including my assets and sell orders. On average I spend not more than 20 min per day on it, mainly updating my orders. The occasional shopping trips to Jita I do with autopilot, in a T1 frigate, while finishing real work or playing with the kid. I never haul myself, everything goes through the “Haulers Channel”.

Some of the money I made, I invested into a treasure hunt for my main corp (material for another post). But apart from that, there has been no real reason to spend the Isk. Now that Willow is back in the game, I am getting itchy feet again. There is simply no space like wspace.

She is currently back in her Stratios, parked in a C3 with a LS static which is inhabited by a Russian corp. I will fly that ship until I get ganked (which will happen soon I suppose) and then try out a Loki. I have never flown a T3C so I don’t expect to fly it for long. Unfortunately the inhabitants are not very active, I haven’t seen any real activity during the times I logged in. I am trying to get rid of the habit of staying to long at one place. If nothing happens during the 2 – 3 times I log in, I will move on. Fingers crossed.


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