Crickets and bad luck

I love scanning. It might sound weird but for me it is relaxing and engaging at the same time. The scan process is straight forward and even the recent changes have not been able to scare me away from it. Of course I don’t scan for the heck of it. I want to find prey in my chain, something I can attack either solo or with fellow wormholers.

Living in California and playing mostly at night has made me accept the fact that I would rarely find something. Once in a while it’s an Epithal or a gas mining Venture and in 100% of the cases they are stabbed up and get away. It makes sense: When I play Europe is still mostly asleep and the Australians are still at work or just not at home.

So when I get to play in the afternoon over the weekend it is always exciting because I like to think that the chances of getting content are much higher. However, recently things have been depressingly quiet. I would scan down 20 to 30 holes just to find some person permadocked. I just have bad luck it seems.

As a result I spent a lot of time just camping holes which look promising. Recently I found a vanilla C3 with a LS static and lots of ships on dscan. Turns out that two corps lived in there and none of them had bothered to set up a citadel yet. Why they wouldn’t leave their ships in the SMA is beyond my comprehension but it made me curious enough to stay a few days.

Every day I would log in only to see the same: Lots of ships, no activity. Both during my night sessions and my weekend afternoon sessions. Not only did they ships just float in space, but also no other wormhole corp seemed interested in running the 20+ anomalies which were piling up in there. So while I waited I spend my time thinking about running those sites myself or miraculously watching the POS shields go down revealing a gigantic loot pinata.

To be a bit more productive I scanned down the chains as much as possible, both in order to find somebody and also be able to provide an entrance for friends should something actually happen. Last weekend I was lucky to have a HS chain which allowed me to jump quickly to the system in which I run my research jobs. The chain was fresh so I took the time and headed out.

When I returned after 30 min the hole was gone. With an uneasy feeling I made the 22 jump trip to the LS static only to see it pop right in front of me. After over a week of camping and crickets I had to leave the hole on that day the corp decided to finally log in and roll their holes. I know that Bob does things for a reason but I still raged while I logged out and called it a day.