Wormholer btw

I think I mentioned it before, I am always lost when it comes to nullsec politics. Recently there was a lot of shittalking regarding Pandemic Legion. Had to draw this.



Never give up. Never surrender.

I am not a role player but I still wonder how the Sansha feel about the fact that they never manage to actually expand their borders. And would it be possible to change Eve’s spaghetti code so the Sansha could actually expand their borders, meaning change the map of New Eden? Thought I doubt that people would be happy about that.IMG_20180503_110008

Eve characters reimagined, part 3: NoobMan

Even if you don’t follow wormhole politics you might have heard of NoobManHK. As a member of CSM XI and CSM XII he was one of the more active/outgoing representatives. He also used to be the director of Hard Knocks, the main player in wormhole space.

I had this piece planned for a while but then NoobMan won Eve and so the project got lost in my pile of “let’s do this later”. I am happy that I managed to finally finish it, even though it is a bit late.



My computer decided to die a few weeks ago and I didn’t have a lot of time to build a new one. Now that I have it assembled I realized that my build doesn’t support Windows 7 which in turn makes it difficult to run Adobe CS6. I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts on Adobes current subscription model so I will have to figure out an alternative. Also, I hate Windows 10.

I still like to browse r/eve and the most recent drama is about an doxxing effort. Doxxing refers to the practice of obtaining the real-life address of a player in order to take harmful actions towards the player outside the game. Quite a childish, yet dangerous, behavior, which requires swift and severe punishment.

As usual, I am confused about the details since this seems to be a Null-Sec issue and I am just not able to keep track of all the political factions and agreements between them. Wormhole politics are so much easier to understand. This let me to draw the piece below during a rather dry webcast.


A year of Eve and r/eve


My kid has something we call “Wimmelbuch” in German. I think the closest thing for Americans might be “Where is Waldo”.  I always wanted to do something similar for the things I read on r/eve. Over the holidays I decided to give it a try. Browsing through the “Best of” section made me realize how many stories which had happened I forgot.

Maybe it’s me, I do have memory problems. Or maybe it’s human nature that we tend to forget about drama and adapt instead. Though I do like to believe that the current drama and outrage we see in Eve (citadels, economy and lack of communication) will have a longer lifespan than usual, I am not willing to bet Isk on it.

To get back to the picture: I had planned to redraw and color this once done but as so many of my projects I stopped midway and never found the time to complete it. Maybe I’ll do it one day. But like with the drama I am not willing to bet Isk on it.

Low Poly Style

Makoto Priano is one of New Eden’s experts in Eve lore. And after CCP started their Kyonoke story line he and his friends decided that this would be the perfect setting for some Eve roleplay. Capusleers were asked to produce Kyonoke propaganda material surrounding those events. To make this more attractive Makoto and his friends had collected a nice pool of Isk to distribute among the top entries.


My submission was not a very serious one, but then again I am not a very serious role player. I love the low poly effect but don’t work with it very often. It involves a lot of clicking and unless

you enjoy setting up PI (if you do you are a very sick person) it is a rather tiresome process. I have started a few low poly projects with ships I like but can’t find the energy yet to continue. I could save some time by going for less detail but I feel that the final product would look…lazy?