This blog was supposed to be mainly about Eve Online, a beautiful sandbox game I like to play. Since I started the blog, things have changed quite a bit, mainly because I have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Combined with family life this is dramatically reducing my time to play. I compensate by shitposting a lot on /r/eve.

Don’t expect too much from this blog. I just need a place to where I can collect both my thoughts and shitty designs I make from time to time.

Also, I suck at this game. Bigly.

Tasting blood

Maybe resubbing Willow was a bad idea. The first weekend hunting went quite well and now I have tasted blood. I had parked my char in a shattered wormhole with 3 statics. It seemed like a good place to start my operation, with enough options should one of the chains be shorter than expected.

I like to have at least one kspace exit, in case I need to batphone. A few jumps from home I end up in lowsec close to a hub. Perfect. I bookmark the entry and plan to jump back when I notice a Porpoise and a Covetor on dscan, plus 2 ventures. Only 4 people are in local, all belong to one corp. Soon I am on grid, admiring their moon mining activities. At first, I am wary. There is always the possibility of cyno bait. But looking at their killboard, most of the kills seem to come from NPSI fleets and none of the losses shows a cyno. I am good to go.

I warp to the asteroid close to the Porpoise, decloak and lock it up. Just when my drones start to land the pilot locks me up and starts to fight back: It’s a battle Porpoise, something one should not underestimate. I am too much on adrenaline to realize that I should kill the drones, instead it comes down to us trying to neut each other out. I overheat everything and start aligning out. I miss a number of rep cycles due to me being dumb and start getting nervous when we both go into low armor.

Just when I am in structure and ready to warp off the ship pops. We exchange gf in local, together with friendly messages for each other’s mother, then I jump back into the wormhole. At one point I find a HS connection. Right after bookmarking it I hear hole activation. A Vexor decloakes, launching probes. The ship pops, so does the pod. Turns out, the pilots is new and didn’t really know where he had ended up. I am happy for every person I can lead towards the path of Bob so I take the time to explain what had happened.

I am ready to call it a night when a Drake shows up on dscan. I warp to the hole and can’t believe what I see: A pilot is rolling the hole in a Drake. And he does not wait for his polarization timer to run out, jumping back immediately. 80% sure that it is not bait I go for it. But again, I am reminded of the fact that my fit does not provide a lot of DPS. The ship is passive fit, easily holds tank and decides to jump through the hole after a few minutes. Funny thing is that it collapsed after him. I hope he had probes with him.

Itchy feet

Recently, CCP sent me an offer I could not refuse: 50% off a 3 month subscription. Interestingly, I only saw this on my wormhole account. Anyway, the offer made me resubscribe my wormhole hunter even though I don’t think there will be a lot of time to fly her.

The last months I have spend my time almost exclusively with trading. While it is not the most exciting thing to do it is always interesting/surprising to see how easy Isk can be made due to the laziness of other players. In the last 3 months I was able to make about 12B Isk, not including my assets and sell orders. On average I spend not more than 20 min per day on it, mainly updating my orders. The occasional shopping trips to Jita I do with autopilot, in a T1 frigate, while finishing real work or playing with the kid. I never haul myself, everything goes through the “Haulers Channel”.

Some of the money I made, I invested into a treasure hunt for my main corp (material for another post). But apart from that, there has been no real reason to spend the Isk. Now that Willow is back in the game, I am getting itchy feet again. There is simply no space like wspace.

She is currently back in her Stratios, parked in a C3 with a LS static which is inhabited by a Russian corp. I will fly that ship until I get ganked (which will happen soon I suppose) and then try out a Loki. I have never flown a T3C so I don’t expect to fly it for long. Unfortunately the inhabitants are not very active, I haven’t seen any real activity during the times I logged in. I am trying to get rid of the habit of staying to long at one place. If nothing happens during the 2 – 3 times I log in, I will move on. Fingers crossed.


Never give up. Never surrender.

I am not a role player but I still wonder how the Sansha feel about the fact that they never manage to actually expand their borders. And would it be possible to change Eve’s spaghetti code so the Sansha could actually expand their borders, meaning change the map of New Eden? Thought I doubt that people would be happy about that.IMG_20180503_110008

Eve characters reimagined, part 3: NoobMan

Even if you don’t follow wormhole politics you might have heard of NoobManHK. As a member of CSM XI and CSM XII he was one of the more active/outgoing representatives. He also used to be the director of Hard Knocks, the main player in wormhole space.

I had this piece planned for a while but then NoobMan won Eve and so the project got lost in my pile of “let’s do this later”. I am happy that I managed to finally finish it, even though it is a bit late.



My computer decided to die a few weeks ago and I didn’t have a lot of time to build a new one. Now that I have it assembled I realized that my build doesn’t support Windows 7 which in turn makes it difficult to run Adobe CS6. I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts on Adobes current subscription model so I will have to figure out an alternative. Also, I hate Windows 10.

I still like to browse r/eve and the most recent drama is about an doxxing effort. Doxxing refers to the practice of obtaining the real-life address of a player in order to take harmful actions towards the player outside the game. Quite a childish, yet dangerous, behavior, which requires swift and severe punishment.

As usual, I am confused about the details since this seems to be a Null-Sec issue and I am just not able to keep track of all the political factions and agreements between them. Wormhole politics are so much easier to understand. This let me to draw the piece below during a rather dry webcast.


CSM 12


CCP released the CSM 12 summit notes. I rarely think about the CSM, mainly because I have no clue about advanced game mechanics, ship balance etc. But it was still an interesting read. A few things I noticed:

  • One of the issues which were raised several times was the lack of communication from CCP which leaves the impression that CCP doesn’t really care about the community. I agree.
  • “looking into this”, “aware of this”, “keeping it in mind” were common responses from CCP.
  • Regarding Fanfest: “CCP Guard says that a lot of the “goofy shit” such as permaband and videos was brought up in water cooler discussions. In the current climate that can’t happen but the future holds many things.” Makes me think that work atmosphere within CCP is not the greatest but I might overinterpret things.
  • Clearly no love for wormhole space: Ctrl+F “wormhole” lead to no results; Ctrl+F “WH” lead to one result: Drifters. SAD!