I mentioned it before: I don’t consider Willow my main character. I chose to writer under her name because it is just more interesting to write about wormhole shenanigans. My main is an explorer, part of Signal Cartel. In fact I think he is one of the oldest members still with them, a fact which makes me very proud.

Whenever a new player asks for good income sources, inevitably exploration is one of the suggestions. For good reason: While it might not be a consistent income it is very profitable with a very low entrance barrier. All you have to do is learn basic scanning and the hacking game, then you are good to go. But these are just the skills. An explorer also has be willing to leave High-Sec as soon as possible since the valuable loot is where there is no law.

However, I feel that CCP is neglecting the other facets of exploration, namely the sites New Eden has to offer. Pretty graphics are nothing without context and for a while now not much context has been added. I am in no way a role player and only familiar with the very basics of the Eve Lore. But even I noticed that CCP rarely followed through with the lore elements it introduced at one point.

We haven’t really learned anything new about the Jove or the Drifters. There are sites all over the place but they don’t really DO anything. They are just decorative items and as such are easily being ignored. Same with all the beacons we see over the place. What is the incentive to see them? They don’t contribute to the gameplay and as a result nobody cares about them.

Should it matter? Maybe not. Nobody is forcing us to visit a museum yet people go there. But if CCP is coming up with all those story elements it would be nice if they could at least follow through. Exploration should be not only about hacking can, it should also be about discovering new sites and bringing back valuable information; something which would encourage people to dig deeper and get familiar with the topic. CCP Fozzie mentioned that there are still things which haven’t been discovered by Eve players but why should we care if we don’t know how it fits into a story?

I know that the majority of the players won’t really care about this part of Eve. Right now there are more important game elements which need attention: FW mechanisms, Citadels (and the ridiculous level of security they provide), skill injector farming, decreasing Isk sinks…the list goes on. Yet I feel that story elements are things which add substance to Eve and it would be sad if CCP decides to neglect this facet for good.



I have never been very good at committing to one goal. After obsessing over something for a short amount of time I tend to quickly lose interest. The skill list of my pilots is evidence of that. Only recently I managed to train dedicated alts for certain niches, thanks to a CCP multitrain offer.

But this behavior also allowed me to get a bit of insight into many playstyles Eve provides: Industry, PvP, PvE, Exploration. And those are only the most obvious examples. There are countless opportunities to participate in Eve, both in and outside the game. The only important thing is that you need SOME goal, otherwise you will quickly lose interest in playing.

One thing I realized is that while I tried many professions, I rarely tried to find out what makes them interesting. I tried them because I wanted to understand the process behind it. As soon as it came to commitment I decided to move on. I stopped trading when I realized that I had to manage my orders on a daily basis (I have never understood how Croda got to rich with so little time. I assume magic.). Incursions got boring quickly, I don’t really care how much Isk it makes and only do it when I need some. I have collected a nice amount of Concord LP. Not sure yet what to do with it.

I know that I will stick to the nomadic lifestyle. The challenge is now to have the discipline to do it in moderate steps. Lack of sleep is so far the most common reasons for me to have a seizure. I know for sure that my main will continue to explore, just in a more serious manner. Exploration is not just running around, scanning and hacking relic, data and Ghost sites (Yes, I do hack data sites. Go on, judge me.). It’s about discovering the sites of New Eden, watching things you haven’t seen before. I don’t have the source but CCP once mentioned that some sites still haven’t been discovered yet. My tells me that I have barely seen anything. I don’t believe that I will ever reach Katia’s level but I am very tempted to head into that direction.

For Willow I am still unsure what to do. I am thinking about doing lowsec combat exploration with her, the way Pilgrim used to do. I have never done this before so it would be interesting to give it a try and a good excuse to finally fly a Tengu. On the other hand diving down the wspace chain is just too tempting. Decisions, decisions.