Recently my internet connection has gotten so bad that I am hardly able to play. Every 5 min or so I get a socket close, if I am able to log in at all. Kind of ironic, considering that I live in a city which considers itself a technology stronghold.

Because of this I am not willing to send my hauler to low sec though I really have to stock up my supplies. I also can’t dive through wormholes. So I am resorting to theorycrafting and shitposting on Reddit.

Thanks Comcast.

A bittersweet find

As I mentioned before, my main is a pure explorer. And as an explorer there are some things I always wanted to find. This was one of them, mainly because back then its value seemed immense to me. In three years it never happened. Now, with POSes being outphased I finally managed to get one. While I won’t be able to sell it anymore (well, I could but not for a good price), I am very happy to be able to check this one of my pod list.