Tension throughout the body since 2 days, some very light seizures. Though it feels like stronger ones are building up. Bad sleep quality due to constant nightmares. Might be side effects again.


Little Critters poop too

After what feels like ages I am finally able to log in again without getting a socket closure every time I look away. In the morning I quickly scanned down the C2 I had parked Willow in before heading out to do family stuff. A few hours later the kid is tired and watching TV, so I can finally get some me-time.

The first thing I see is lots of sleeper wrecks on dscan. What confuses me is what is slaughtering all these sleepers: Two Dominix. Again, I am in a C2 and using two of those feels like using a tank to attack a cyclist. But I am not complaining, this is the first time in ages I have prey and several great connections to get people in. Yes, the guys did not bother to roll any holes. Besides the 3 statics I have two high-sec connections to Amarr and Dodixie.


Since my Stratios won’t be able to take them alone I start batphoning like a maniac. And to say that there seemed to be little interest is an overstatement. Literally nobody responded to my pleas. In the end I even resorted to Wingspans channel only to get a “I think you are in the wrong channel.”

One thing I notice during this time is that they are not salvaging at all. I see no MTU or any salvaging ship on dscan. Hoping that I can at least gank the dude who will clean up I follow the pilots and bookmark each site they clear. After about 8 sites I see them warp off to the null-sec static and park myself 30k off it. A few minutes later I hear hole activation and get ready for…a Thrasher. Yaaaay! Interestingly, the pilot warps from site to site and drops one MTU after the other. I did not expect that but I don’t question Bob’s ways and get ready to receive his gift.


Warping to the site I assume will despawn first I see the Thrasher diligently collecting wreck after wreck. At this point I should have waited until he had salvaged several sites just to increase the potential loot but the months without content have made me inpatient and I go for it without thinking: orbit, decloak, target, launch drones (wait for blob or stab-supported warp off). But I am lucky. Nobody shows up, nothing on dscan and the ship pops. The pilot waves in local and warps off in his pod. I don’t see any reason to chase him and go for the MTU instead.

Shortly after I finish the first one I see a Hurricane on dscan and I decide that it is time to leave. No idea who else will jump in when I try to take him. The loot is meh but as we say in my home country: Small critters poop too. I happily wait out the aggression time and log off. My dry spell is hopefully over. Praise Bob!




Recently my internet connection has gotten so bad that I am hardly able to play. Every 5 min or so I get a socket close, if I am able to log in at all. Kind of ironic, considering that I live in a city which considers itself a technology stronghold.

Because of this I am not willing to send my hauler to low sec though I really have to stock up my supplies. I also can’t dive through wormholes. So I am resorting to theorycrafting and shitposting on Reddit.

Thanks Comcast.

A bittersweet find

As I mentioned before, my main is a pure explorer. And as an explorer there are some things I always wanted to find. This was one of them, mainly because back then its value seemed immense to me. In three years it never happened. Now, with POSes being outphased I finally managed to get one. While I won’t be able to sell it anymore (well, I could but not for a good price), I am very happy to be able to check this one of my pod list.