A recent nullsec connection brought me to Geminate. Local showed me one additional pilot and after a while I noticed that the good gent was continuing to fly an Ishtar and adding wrecks to dscan, not caring about my presence. This strongly suggested that he was afk. This had to be punished.

As I said before: I am a shit pilot, so I asked whether I could take him in my Stratios. They were rather skeptical and instead asked whether they could join me. The lowsec connection I have at hand is in our favor and we form up. We jump in, warp to the pilot and pop his ship. Op success.

Before I drop fleet one of the other players asks whether I would like to join the corp he is in. He is one of the more responsive pilots when I ask for help so I accept. As I said before, I don’t think I am a good asset for a corp but I am willing to give this a try.



I am not a great PvP pilot. Hell, I am not even a decent PvP pilot. I am however, good at scanning and have no problem doing it for hours. This time it finally paid off: when I jump into a C3 I notice wrecks on dscan. A bit of warping around and I find 2 Raven running sites.

But Bob, lord of wspace, is not one to give freely and has denied me a kspace connection. So there is no chance of batphoning for support. Here is how bad I am: I ask the other wormholers what I should do. One suggests that I take them on solo with my Stratios. While it turned out later that he and his friends were simply trolling me I took that advise and went for it. I am glad I [did]( I guess I should be less risk averse.