Much ado about nothing

Undocking again felt good. After figuring out how to remove the dust from my ship I left the station and…well, didn’t really know where to go next. So I opened Dotlan and started looking for areas I haven’t seen before. Which are quite a lot since I spend most of my time in wormholes. In the end I decided to check out Aridia. No specific reason.

On the way I started scanning down the few signatures I encountered. The new scanning window felt weird but I had expected worse after reading all those comments on reddit. While I am not too happy with the dscan changes I appreciate the improvements in probe scanning. Moving the probes around has always been a bit annoying.

I couldn’t resist jumping into a C2. Dscan showed one Helios but when I tried to pinpoint it’s location I found it at a citadel and by the time I warped there the ship was gone and the Astrahus had one guest. Not in the mood for waiting I scanned the wormhole, hacked the one relic site (66mil, not bad) and left. Just before entering Lowsec I found a Superior Sleeper Cache but apparently 98 scan strength is not enough to resolve it. So I posted the system in a chat room I frequent and moved on.

Jumping into Lowsec was underwhelming. I had expected at least a tiny gate camp but saw only 1 person in local. Same with the next two systems. Then I found an “Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive”, which according to Eve Uni was a 5/10 DED site. I had never tried a 5/10 before and I didn’t know if a Stratios could handle it. So I warped to it.

I wouldn’t call it a disaster but it wasn’t one of my proudest moments either. Clearing the rats was not a big deal but it took longer than expected. The rats kept on shooting my drones and I lost a bunch of them. When I entered the last room things got a big more complicated. The Drone queen was fucking annoying and webbed me and my drones so we couldn’t speedtank the incoming damage. She also repped her shields and was hull tanked so I had to maintain as much damage as possible. I lost my Geckos because it took them too long to get back. Now my pride was hurt and I decided to stay until the site was done. Almost 2 hours in I finally killed her and got a meh Overseer thingie and some junk. Definitely not isk positive and not a site I will try again.