As I unanchor the last Pos module I feel a kind of relief. It has been almost 2 months since I set up my Dickstar Pos in my little Wolf-Rayet C2 wormhole. And in the beginning it seemed like a good idea: Have a solid base in wspace, be able to easily swap ships when necessary etc. But it turned out that there are, at least for me, more cons than pros for living solo in a Pos.

I have always enjoyed w-space. I scanned my first wormhole down when my pilot was one week into the game, jumped in, died. From that moment I was hooked. Wormholes are unpredictable, in a sense that you never know where they will take you. While the signature is able to give you some intel (which class of wormhole) you will never know what is on the other side unless you jump in. Will it be camped? Are there locals? Can you hunt them? Will they hunt you?

But since I play alone maintaining the Pos was no fun. The fuel runs annoyed me since I had to juggle several alts in order to make sure that the entry was safe. One day some Goons decided to annoy me and due to my weird play times I don’t have anybody I could have batphoned for help. I also realized that I spend more time care bearing than I wanted: gas reactions, invention, running sites. It might have been more fun in a group.

This is a game and you should never do anything in it which you don’t enjoy. So I decided to take the Pos down and become a space nomad again. I don’t know whether I will sell the parts, I might keep them as a souvenir. But I know that I will not try to do this again, at least not solo.

It feels good to be free. No commitments, no roots. Let’s see what happens.



This blog was supposed to be mainly about Eve Online, a beautiful sandbox game I like to play. Since I started the blog, things have changed quite a bit, mainly because I have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Combined with family life this is dramatically reducing my time to play. I compensate by shitposting a lot on /r/eve.

Don’t expect too much from this blog. I just need a place to where I can collect both my thoughts and shitty designs I make from time to time.

Also, I suck at this game. Bigly.