Never be on the phone when jumping through a wormhole. RIP


Itchy feet

Recently, CCP sent me an offer I could not refuse: 50% off a 3 month subscription. Interestingly, I only saw this on my wormhole account. Anyway, the offer made me resubscribe my wormhole hunter even though I don’t think there will be a lot of time to fly her.

The last months I have spend my time almost exclusively with trading. While it is not the most exciting thing to do it is always interesting/surprising to see how easy Isk can be made due to the laziness of other players. In the last 3 months I was able to make about 12B Isk, not including my assets and sell orders. On average I spend not more than 20 min per day on it, mainly updating my orders. The occasional shopping trips to Jita I do with autopilot, in a T1 frigate, while finishing real work or playing with the kid. I never haul myself, everything goes through the “Haulers Channel”.

Some of the money I made, I invested into a treasure hunt for my main corp (material for another post). But apart from that, there has been no real reason to spend the Isk. Now that Willow is back in the game, I am getting itchy feet again. There is simply no space like wspace.

She is currently back in her Stratios, parked in a C3 with a LS static which is inhabited by a Russian corp. I will fly that ship until I get ganked (which will happen soon I suppose) and then try out a Loki. I have never flown a T3C so I don’t expect to fly it for long. Unfortunately the inhabitants are not very active, I haven’t seen any real activity during the times I logged in. I am trying to get rid of the habit of staying to long at one place. If nothing happens during the 2 – 3 times I log in, I will move on. Fingers crossed.


Eve characters reimagined, part 3: NoobMan

Even if you don’t follow wormhole politics you might have heard of NoobManHK. As a member of CSM XI and CSM XII he was one of the more active/outgoing representatives. He also used to be the director of Hard Knocks, the main player in wormhole space.

I had this piece planned for a while but then NoobMan won Eve and so the project got lost in my pile of “let’s do this later”. I am happy that I managed to finally finish it, even though it is a bit late.



For the first time in years I had taken some extended time off from work. Unfortunately this didn’t mean that I could relax. Our parents had been annoyed by the fact that they hadn’t seen our kid for 3 years know, apparently sending pictures was not enough. Anyway, I am back, with a few pounds more and a few hundred unread work emails.

Willow had been sleeping in a C2 wormhole during the trip and it was time to wake her up. Just for a bit though, there was still plenty of rl stuff to take care off after the 24 hour trip. Some quick scanning to make sure that I had all sigs, that was it. A few hours later I am back and the first thing I notice: sleeper wrecks on dscan! And a Brutix!

The ship is not in an anomaly but at one of the relic sites. The pilot is part of Wingspan and I wonder whether more of them are in the chain. So I spend a few minutes just watching him. The sleepers are eating his drones and he tries to save them by constantly calling them back. Zooming in I notice that he is rail fit which doesn’t help if the frigs are after you.

Just when I am ready to warp in the ship warps off. Confused I dscan around and find him at one of the planets. Did he get cold feet? Was is just a biobreak? A few minutes later he returns only to continue to struggle with the frigates. His first flight of Hobgoblins is already gone. After what feels like ages he finally enters the last wave and…warps off again. By now I am really frustrated and don’t really care anymore if his friends are around.

The site despawns (is that normal when you get to the last wave?) and he warps back, on top of his MTU. I align, warp and land 5k off him. Decloak, lock, scram, neut. The drones are out and the AB on. Like a maniac I am spamming dscan but nothing shows up. In fact he is not even targeting me. Only when he is in half armor does he bother to lock me and send his remaining drones. They tickle a bit and I decide to ignore them for now. His guns can’t track me so the damage ain’t bad.

He offers me a ransom but I don’t even consider it. It has been too long since I killed something and I don’t care about Isk. The ship pops, his pod warps off and we exchange GF in local. While looting his wreck I shoot the MTU and pick up what’s worth picking. I also get a bounty payout.


A subsequent convo clarifies a lot of the things which had confused me: back after a hiatus, testing fit and an overview which didn’t show him enemy ships had made it very easy for me. He took it with humor and we chatted a bit about wormholes, corps and what to do next. A very friendly pilot and a nice welcome back present from Bob. Praise him!




Little Critters poop too

After what feels like ages I am finally able to log in again without getting a socket closure every time I look away. In the morning I quickly scanned down the C2 I had parked Willow in before heading out to do family stuff. A few hours later the kid is tired and watching TV, so I can finally get some me-time.

The first thing I see is lots of sleeper wrecks on dscan. What confuses me is what is slaughtering all these sleepers: Two Dominix. Again, I am in a C2 and using two of those feels like using a tank to attack a cyclist. But I am not complaining, this is the first time in ages I have prey and several great connections to get people in. Yes, the guys did not bother to roll any holes. Besides the 3 statics I have two high-sec connections to Amarr and Dodixie.


Since my Stratios won’t be able to take them alone I start batphoning like a maniac. And to say that there seemed to be little interest is an overstatement. Literally nobody responded to my pleas. In the end I even resorted to Wingspans channel only to get a “I think you are in the wrong channel.”

One thing I notice during this time is that they are not salvaging at all. I see no MTU or any salvaging ship on dscan. Hoping that I can at least gank the dude who will clean up I follow the pilots and bookmark each site they clear. After about 8 sites I see them warp off to the null-sec static and park myself 30k off it. A few minutes later I hear hole activation and get ready for…a Thrasher. Yaaaay! Interestingly, the pilot warps from site to site and drops one MTU after the other. I did not expect that but I don’t question Bob’s ways and get ready to receive his gift.


Warping to the site I assume will despawn first I see the Thrasher diligently collecting wreck after wreck. At this point I should have waited until he had salvaged several sites just to increase the potential loot but the months without content have made me inpatient and I go for it without thinking: orbit, decloak, target, launch drones (wait for blob or stab-supported warp off). But I am lucky. Nobody shows up, nothing on dscan and the ship pops. The pilot waves in local and warps off in his pod. I don’t see any reason to chase him and go for the MTU instead.

Shortly after I finish the first one I see a Hurricane on dscan and I decide that it is time to leave. No idea who else will jump in when I try to take him. The loot is meh but as we say in my home country: Small critters poop too. I happily wait out the aggression time and log off. My dry spell is hopefully over. Praise Bob!



Crickets and bad luck

I love scanning. It might sound weird but for me it is relaxing and engaging at the same time. The scan process is straight forward and even the recent changes have not been able to scare me away from it. Of course I don’t scan for the heck of it. I want to find prey in my chain, something I can attack either solo or with fellow wormholers.

Living in California and playing mostly at night has made me accept the fact that I would rarely find something. Once in a while it’s an Epithal or a gas mining Venture and in 100% of the cases they are stabbed up and get away. It makes sense: When I play Europe is still mostly asleep and the Australians are still at work or just not at home.

So when I get to play in the afternoon over the weekend it is always exciting because I like to think that the chances of getting content are much higher. However, recently things have been depressingly quiet. I would scan down 20 to 30 holes just to find some person permadocked. I just have bad luck it seems.

As a result I spent a lot of time just camping holes which look promising. Recently I found a vanilla C3 with a LS static and lots of ships on dscan. Turns out that two corps lived in there and none of them had bothered to set up a citadel yet. Why they wouldn’t leave their ships in the SMA is beyond my comprehension but it made me curious enough to stay a few days.

Every day I would log in only to see the same: Lots of ships, no activity. Both during my night sessions and my weekend afternoon sessions. Not only did they ships just float in space, but also no other wormhole corp seemed interested in running the 20+ anomalies which were piling up in there. So while I waited I spend my time thinking about running those sites myself or miraculously watching the POS shields go down revealing a gigantic loot pinata.

To be a bit more productive I scanned down the chains as much as possible, both in order to find somebody and also be able to provide an entrance for friends should something actually happen. Last weekend I was lucky to have a HS chain which allowed me to jump quickly to the system in which I run my research jobs. The chain was fresh so I took the time and headed out.

When I returned after 30 min the hole was gone. With an uneasy feeling I made the 22 jump trip to the LS static only to see it pop right in front of me. After over a week of camping and crickets I had to leave the hole on that day the corp decided to finally log in and roll their holes. I know that Bob does things for a reason but I still raged while I logged out and called it a day.