For the first time in years I had taken some extended time off from work. Unfortunately this didn’t mean that I could relax. Our parents had been annoyed by the fact that they hadn’t seen our kid for 3 years know, apparently sending pictures was not enough. Anyway, I am back, with a few pounds more and a few hundred unread work emails.

Willow had been sleeping in a C2 wormhole during the trip and it was time to wake her up. Just for a bit though, there was still plenty of rl stuff to take care off after the 24 hour trip. Some quick scanning to make sure that I had all sigs, that was it. A few hours later I am back and the first thing I notice: sleeper wrecks on dscan! And a Brutix!

The ship is not in an anomaly but at one of the relic sites. The pilot is part of Wingspan and I wonder whether more of them are in the chain. So I spend a few minutes just watching him. The sleepers are eating his drones and he tries to save them by constantly calling them back. Zooming in I notice that he is rail fit which doesn’t help if the frigs are after you.

Just when I am ready to warp in the ship warps off. Confused I dscan around and find him at one of the planets. Did he get cold feet? Was is just a biobreak? A few minutes later he returns only to continue to struggle with the frigates. His first flight of Hobgoblins is already gone. After what feels like ages he finally enters the last wave and…warps off again. By now I am really frustrated and don’t really care anymore if his friends are around.

The site despawns (is that normal when you get to the last wave?) and he warps back, on top of his MTU. I align, warp and land 5k off him. Decloak, lock, scram, neut. The drones are out and the AB on. Like a maniac I am spamming dscan but nothing shows up. In fact he is not even targeting me. Only when he is in half armor does he bother to lock me and send his remaining drones. They tickle a bit and I decide to ignore them for now. His guns can’t track me so the damage ain’t bad.

He offers me a ransom but I don’t even consider it. It has been too long since I killed something and I don’t care about Isk. The ship pops, his pod warps off and we exchange GF in local. While looting his wreck I shoot the MTU and pick up what’s worth picking. I also get a bounty payout.


A subsequent convo clarifies a lot of the things which had confused me: back after a hiatus, testing fit and an overview which didn’t show him enemy ships had made it very easy for me. He took it with humor and we chatted a bit about wormholes, corps and what to do next. A very friendly pilot and a nice welcome back present from Bob. Praise him!






A recent nullsec connection brought me to Geminate. Local showed me one additional pilot and after a while I noticed that the good gent was continuing to fly an Ishtar and adding wrecks to dscan, not caring about my presence. This strongly suggested that he was afk. This had to be punished.

As I said before: I am a shit pilot, so I asked whether I could take him in my Stratios. They were rather skeptical and instead asked whether they could join me. The lowsec connection I have at hand is in our favor and we form up. We jump in, warp to the pilot and pop his ship. Op success.

Before I drop fleet one of the other players asks whether I would like to join the corp he is in. He is one of the more responsive pilots when I ask for help so I accept. As I said before, I don’t think I am a good asset for a corp but I am willing to give this a try.