Living in California has its perks: great beaches, sunny weather, beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately living here, being a dad and playing solo is not a great combination. When I can log the majority of the Eve population is either asleep or just about to wake up. And accordingly I rarely find anything worth hunting and when I do it is often to big to take on alone.

At least the latter one has become less of a problem since Trinket told me about a wormhole channel I could use for batphoning. I had briefly joined his corp, Sudden Buggery, but had to drop out soon after due to health reasons. However, he is an incredibly helpful player and had given me some great advice since then.

Anyway, hunting during my time zone can be incredibly frustrating. If CCP would introduce tumbleweed w-space would be full of it when I log in. While I can keep myself busy using my main sometimes I want nothing but hunt something only to catch nothing but a lame Epithal after hours of scanning.

You might ask yourself why I don’t join a corp? I feel that joining one might not be the best experience for them. I can’t guarantee that I will be there when they need me (there are times when I can’t log in for days) and I don’t want to be that one antisocial asshole. In addition, poop machine (my kid) has the tendency to come for me when something exciting is about to happen. There are plenty of time when I had to hold back because of that. And I will not prioritize a game over my kid. If she wants to play, I go play.  However, something has to change. I am not sure yet what though.