For the first time in years I had taken some extended time off from work. Unfortunately this didn’t mean that I could relax. Our parents had been annoyed by the fact that they hadn’t seen our kid for 3 years know, apparently sending pictures was not enough. Anyway, I am back, with a few pounds more and a few hundred unread work emails.

Willow had been sleeping in a C2 wormhole during the trip and it was time to wake her up. Just for a bit though, there was still plenty of rl stuff to take care off after the 24 hour trip. Some quick scanning to make sure that I had all sigs, that was it. A few hours later I am back and the first thing I notice: sleeper wrecks on dscan! And a Brutix!

The ship is not in an anomaly but at one of the relic sites. The pilot is part of Wingspan and I wonder whether more of them are in the chain. So I spend a few minutes just watching him. The sleepers are eating his drones and he tries to save them by constantly calling them back. Zooming in I notice that he is rail fit which doesn’t help if the frigs are after you.

Just when I am ready to warp in the ship warps off. Confused I dscan around and find him at one of the planets. Did he get cold feet? Was is just a biobreak? A few minutes later he returns only to continue to struggle with the frigates. His first flight of Hobgoblins is already gone. After what feels like ages he finally enters the last wave and…warps off again. By now I am really frustrated and don’t really care anymore if his friends are around.

The site despawns (is that normal when you get to the last wave?) and he warps back, on top of his MTU. I align, warp and land 5k off him. Decloak, lock, scram, neut. The drones are out and the AB on. Like a maniac I am spamming dscan but nothing shows up. In fact he is not even targeting me. Only when he is in half armor does he bother to lock me and send his remaining drones. They tickle a bit and I decide to ignore them for now. His guns can’t track me so the damage ain’t bad.

He offers me a ransom but I don’t even consider it. It has been too long since I killed something and I don’t care about Isk. The ship pops, his pod warps off and we exchange GF in local. While looting his wreck I shoot the MTU and pick up what’s worth picking. I also get a bounty payout.


A subsequent convo clarifies a lot of the things which had confused me: back after a hiatus, testing fit and an overview which didn’t show him enemy ships had made it very easy for me. He took it with humor and we chatted a bit about wormholes, corps and what to do next. A very friendly pilot and a nice welcome back present from Bob. Praise him!





Little Critters poop too

After what feels like ages I am finally able to log in again without getting a socket closure every time I look away. In the morning I quickly scanned down the C2 I had parked Willow in before heading out to do family stuff. A few hours later the kid is tired and watching TV, so I can finally get some me-time.

The first thing I see is lots of sleeper wrecks on dscan. What confuses me is what is slaughtering all these sleepers: Two Dominix. Again, I am in a C2 and using two of those feels like using a tank to attack a cyclist. But I am not complaining, this is the first time in ages I have prey and several great connections to get people in. Yes, the guys did not bother to roll any holes. Besides the 3 statics I have two high-sec connections to Amarr and Dodixie.


Since my Stratios won’t be able to take them alone I start batphoning like a maniac. And to say that there seemed to be little interest is an overstatement. Literally nobody responded to my pleas. In the end I even resorted to Wingspans channel only to get a “I think you are in the wrong channel.”

One thing I notice during this time is that they are not salvaging at all. I see no MTU or any salvaging ship on dscan. Hoping that I can at least gank the dude who will clean up I follow the pilots and bookmark each site they clear. After about 8 sites I see them warp off to the null-sec static and park myself 30k off it. A few minutes later I hear hole activation and get ready for…a Thrasher. Yaaaay! Interestingly, the pilot warps from site to site and drops one MTU after the other. I did not expect that but I don’t question Bob’s ways and get ready to receive his gift.


Warping to the site I assume will despawn first I see the Thrasher diligently collecting wreck after wreck. At this point I should have waited until he had salvaged several sites just to increase the potential loot but the months without content have made me inpatient and I go for it without thinking: orbit, decloak, target, launch drones (wait for blob or stab-supported warp off). But I am lucky. Nobody shows up, nothing on dscan and the ship pops. The pilot waves in local and warps off in his pod. I don’t see any reason to chase him and go for the MTU instead.

Shortly after I finish the first one I see a Hurricane on dscan and I decide that it is time to leave. No idea who else will jump in when I try to take him. The loot is meh but as we say in my home country: Small critters poop too. I happily wait out the aggression time and log off. My dry spell is hopefully over. Praise Bob!




Recently my internet connection has gotten so bad that I am hardly able to play. Every 5 min or so I get a socket close, if I am able to log in at all. Kind of ironic, considering that I live in a city which considers itself a technology stronghold.

Because of this I am not willing to send my hauler to low sec though I really have to stock up my supplies. I also can’t dive through wormholes. So I am resorting to theorycrafting and shitposting on Reddit.

Thanks Comcast.

A bittersweet find

As I mentioned before, my main is a pure explorer. And as an explorer there are some things I always wanted to find. This was one of them, mainly because back then its value seemed immense to me. In three years it never happened. Now, with POSes being outphased I finally managed to get one. While I won’t be able to sell it anymore (well, I could but not for a good price), I am very happy to be able to check this one of my pod list.


Blood Raiders Psychotropic Depot

One of the things I hardly ever did so far was running the higher DED sites. Within the Eve lore DED stands for Direct Enforcement Department, Concord’s police division which tracks down and attacks criminals. DED sites are rated by their difficulty from 1/10 to 10/10, with 10/10 being the most difficult. You have to scan them down and the more difficult ones are in Low-Sec and Null-Sec. They have the potential of dropping valuable faction loot and blueprints.

So when I scanned down a “Blood Raiders Psychotropic Depot” in Karan (Aridia) I decided it might be a good time to give one a try. Checking Eve Uni’s wiki I learned that it is rated 5/10. I wasn’t sure whether my Stratios could handle it but after some encouraging words from a friend it didn’t seem impossible.

The site consists of 3 pockets. The last pocket contains a ship (the Exsanguinator) which might drop faction loot. The composition of the rats can be found here. Bottom line:

  • 1. pocket: lots of ouch
  • 2. pocket: lots of ouch
  • 3. pocket: dayum….so much ouch

I usually fly a rather cheap active armor tanked Stratios (less than 20k EHP). It costs less than 400mil Isk and I break even with one or two evenings of exploration. So I knew that I had to be a bit more careful. The first pocket did not decloak me when landing. I slowboated away until the closest ship was about 60km away from me. I then decloaked, launched my sentries and took care of everything headed towards me. While rather slow, this method made sure that I never went into deep armor.

The second pocket has several sentry towers at the outgoing gate but from I read you can just ignore them (I killed them anyway). While using my sentry drones approach I noticed two pilots constantly jumping in and out of the system. Since my site has to be scanned down and there is no way to fly directly to the second pocket I wasn’t too worried. But I still kept an eye on dscan and not surprisingly one of the pilots soon launched probes.

Once the 2nd room was cleared I decided that I had to change my strategy. All sites I had checked mentioned 3 webbing towers upon landing plus a substantial amount of alpha damage. So I launched my Mobile Depot and swapped my medium armor repper with a 1600 steel plate. I am quite happy that I did that since at this point I noticed that I tanked at all for EM damage, the main type of damage of the local rats. I had simply forgotten about that. A few moments later the error was corrected. 60k EHP should be enough to survive the first seconds.

Just when I scooped up the depot an Astero landed on grid and burned towards me. In addition local started to spike and I saw a Legion, a Stiletto and a Vexor on grid. Not sure what the others were flying but I didn’t want to find out. But I also didn’t want to give up the site. So I took the gate.

Instantly upon landing I got redboxed and webbed. The Exsanguinator was 40 km off me and that was the only thing I cared about. The thing with these sites is that you can kill the boss and then just warp off. Return to the site after 2 min or so and the rats will have despawned and only the wreck remains (hopefully filled with loot). I launched my medium drones, bookmarked the site and started to align out. Local was now at 7 pilots and my armor started to melt rather quickly. When the boss finally popped I was at 5% armor and instantly warped out.

I am not sure if the others entered the room but I doubt it. They would not have been able to handle the damage. As soon as I landed I messed up big time: I launched my depot and decloaked. Not the best idea when the enemy might have combat drones around and to be honest I have no clue why I did that. The depot seemed to take extra long to online and when it finally did…I dc’d.

I hate my ISP. Of course it is Comcast. Over the next 5 min I spammed the launcher button only to be greeted by an error message. I worried about my ship. I worried about my loot. When I was finally back I was alone system. I refitted and started to warp to my loot bm. The can was still there! And so was the loot:


Time to finish: 50 min

Cost: 4 Infiltrator drones and a heart attack


  • Corpum B-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
  • Corpum B-Type Medium Energy Neutralizer
  • Corpum B-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane
  • 18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects (guaranteed drop), ~42mil Isk
  • Total worth: ~ 550mil Isk (Jita sell)

Not bad. Might do this more often.


Update: Seeding a Low-Sec market

A few weeks ago I started my project of seeding a Low-Sec market. The main goal is not Isk (as I said, there won’t be a lot of profit, if at all), I just want to see if I could do it. Right now I plan to stop when I see that 2 or more competitors are starting to participate, forcing me to adjust prices. Having actual local competition would tell me that others consider this place a good place to sell, basically a market place.

I started with mainly selling the fits for a kiting and a brawling Tristan. In addition I brought is basic consumables people might need: ammo, repair paste, cap boosters. My small ancillary armor reppers usually sold within minutes, I assume that somebody wanted to flip them since I sold them below the regional average. I feel bad for the last person since on the next day CCP finally raised the probability of SAAR BPC drops. Since then the price has dropped by roughly 60%. Because CCP said that the change in drop rate would only be temporary I assume that many traders will hoard them right now betting that the prices might rise again.


It took a while but eventually people started buying; on average I make 30 sales per day. I know that this is peanuts but since I am starting at 0 this is still quite nice. Interestingly there are things which don’t seem to sell at all or only slowly: Mainly equipment such as scram, webs, drones. I assume that the notorious pilots in that area already have a stockpile in their hangars and that it will take a while for these piles to deplete. Also many might not have realized yet that these things are now on the local market. Another possibility: People don’t bother with frigs and go for bigger stuff and/or T2 ships. When I go through my sales list there are some regular customers now. They mainly stock up on consumables such as ammo and stuff. On their killboard I see that these players rarely loose ships so I am not too surprised.


Bottom line: There does seem to be a group of players willing to buy more local. So a market could be possible. Now I have to figure out, what exactly these players want. I might have to dive more into the data and filter out the most common players to see what they are losing. I am just too lazy to write something for that.

A long time ago I had an alt who did nothing but look for offline High-Sec POS and wardec the owners. If they didn’t respond I would then go and shoot the modules hoping for gigantic loot pinatas. Unfortunately that never happened but a few of them actually dropped a significant amount of minerals which had been collecting dust until now. Since I won’t use them for anything I decided to build Thrashers and Vexors. While the minerals are still not completely free (the cost of wardecs + time to get that stuff to a central place) building these ships is still cheap for me. They are now on the market, together with mods to try out different fits. And after reading Sugar Kyles post again I stocked up on Liquid Ozone, Cynos and Expanded Cargoholds. I don’t really get why but for some reason Cargoholds sell very well. I

Right now I spend 2 days a week hauling things to the station and setting up sell orders. I don’t want to spend more time on this. My next goal: Increasing daily sales by 50% (so 45/day). Kyle wrote that it took several month for things to take off so I am fine with baby steps. My current investments are roughly 2.7 bil.

Squinting for science

Crowdsourced science projects (aka human-directed computing) relying on gaming communities are nothing new. One of the first projects I can remember is from 2010 when a group developed a game in order to predict protein structures.

The willingness of strangers to help out with these kind of tasks is a huge thing for scientists. Very often we are faced with tasks which are important but so time consuming that it is difficult to catch up while still having to do experiments. This usually results in huge backlogs of unanalyzed data. Add this to the lack of fund needed to hire help and the immense publication pressure scientists are under and you can see that this system is not sustainable. Ironically, analyzing the data would often help identifying necessary experiments and exclude those which are not worth performing.

In the past labs used to hire undergrads for these tasks. They get the precious experience for their CV and the lab gets free labor. I heard of a scientist who went a step further and started a company in China which does nothing but trace shapes on electron microscopy images. The demand is there, though I doubt that the average lab would be able to afford this service. Not sure about companies though.

Anyway, when CCP announced Project Discovery, a collaboration with the Human Protein Atlas, people got excited. Eve players would participate in identifying the localization of cellular structures which in turn helps with the characterization of the protein. Scientists would finally be able to comb through stacks of data within a relatively short amount of time. Simply put: Eve players would try to figure out where certain proteins can be found within a cell. Knowing the location of a protein you a lot about its role. For those who prefer to know the real world application: Knowing where to find a protein and what it does will help understand diseases and how to address them. If you know that tires belong under a car you will understand why a car is not moving when you find the tires on top of the car.

I was very excited when Project Discovery (PD) started and I believe that the implementation was fairly well done, considering that this was Terra Nova for both sides. What I found very discouraging is the fact how badly PD communicated with the player base. While they had set up a subreddit, a forum post and a Twitter, they were kind of weak in motivating and encouraging their participants.

From my experience people are much more involved when they actually understand what they are doing and what comes out of it. PD chose to go the path of least resistance and released rather uninspiring updates about the latest findings, most of them which got ignored because many players didn’t know that there was a dedicated subreddit. I would have hoped for more interactions, AMA with participating scientists, reports about where this data actually came from, anything which would make the player feel as part of a team instead of feeling like another F1 monkey. There wasn’t even a final goodbye post when the project ended. At least none I was aware of. No summary of what has been achieved, no future outlook, nada. What kind of collaboration is that?


Now CCP is starting another round of PD, this time providing support for the search of exoplanets. Players get to decide whether a drop in signal intensity might indicate the transition of a planet past a sun. So far, I like it. It is still the first week, so there are lots of bugs which need to be addressed but I can see myself playing the game once in a while. What I really hope is that CCP will add a magnification feature to the window. So far it can be quite a pain for me to properly place a marker (bad eye sight) and I often find myself squinting at the monitor trying to make sure that I am doing it right.

I really hope that the communication with the players will be better this time. CCP has recently shown again that they have lost their ability to properly talk with us and I hope that PD is not picking this bad habit up.