Goals? Goals! Goals…

Thinking about what to do next reminded me of the Eve Vegas NPE roundtable. CCP Ghost (I think) sat down with the attendees to discuss the upcoming changes and listen to the thoughts of the community. While the question of whether player suggestions actually have an effect on the game is an ongoing topic of debate it was still interesting to hear what the bittervets had to say.

People were very passionate about pointing out how frustrating a ship loss can be at the beginning, causing people to rage quite early into the game. For example: Nobody is warning newbros about how bad autopiloting is and why. The perfect prey for all gate campers. CCP Grey seemed a bit surprised by this. It remains to be seen whether something will be done about this.

What I would like to see from CCP is reminding new players that Eve is a sandbox and what this actually means. A common theme among the newbro posts on Reddit seem to revolve around what they should do and that they don’t enjoy where they currently are. Of course these posts are just a tiny snapshop of the New Eden community and I am already biased but I would like to believe that there is a bit of truth in it.

Below an image displaying rough breakdown of the vast number of possibilities Eve has to offer. It is rather old but still relevant. I am sorry, I don’t remember who made it.




Little sleep yesterday. Constant tension on right side back.

2 very  light seizures in the evening.

Low Poly Style

Makoto Priano is one of New Eden’s experts in Eve lore. And after CCP started their Kyonoke story line he and his friends decided that this would be the perfect setting for some Eve roleplay. Capusleers were asked to produce Kyonoke propaganda material surrounding those events. To make this more attractive Makoto and his friends had collected a nice pool of Isk to distribute among the top entries.


My submission was not a very serious one, but then again I am not a very serious role player. I love the low poly effect but don’t work with it very often. It involves a lot of clicking and unless

you enjoy setting up PI (if you do you are a very sick person) it is a rather tiresome process. I have started a few low poly projects with ships I like but can’t find the energy yet to continue. I could save some time by going for less detail but I feel that the final product would look…lazy?



I have never been very good at committing to one goal. After obsessing over something for a short amount of time I tend to quickly lose interest. The skill list of my pilots is evidence of that. Only recently I managed to train dedicated alts for certain niches, thanks to a CCP multitrain offer.

But this behavior also allowed me to get a bit of insight into many playstyles Eve provides: Industry, PvP, PvE, Exploration. And those are only the most obvious examples. There are countless opportunities to participate in Eve, both in and outside the game. The only important thing is that you need SOME goal, otherwise you will quickly lose interest in playing.

One thing I realized is that while I tried many professions, I rarely tried to find out what makes them interesting. I tried them because I wanted to understand the process behind it. As soon as it came to commitment I decided to move on. I stopped trading when I realized that I had to manage my orders on a daily basis (I have never understood how Croda got to rich with so little time. I assume magic.). Incursions got boring quickly, I don’t really care how much Isk it makes and only do it when I need some. I have collected a nice amount of Concord LP. Not sure yet what to do with it.

I know that I will stick to the nomadic lifestyle. The challenge is now to have the discipline to do it in moderate steps. Lack of sleep is so far the most common reasons for me to have a seizure. I know for sure that my main will continue to explore, just in a more serious manner. Exploration is not just running around, scanning and hacking relic, data and Ghost sites (Yes, I do hack data sites. Go on, judge me.). It’s about discovering the sites of New Eden, watching things you haven’t seen before. I don’t have the source but CCP once mentioned that some sites still haven’t been discovered yet. My tells me that I have barely seen anything. I don’t believe that I will ever reach Katia’s level but I am very tempted to head into that direction.

For Willow I am still unsure what to do. I am thinking about doing lowsec combat exploration with her, the way Pilgrim used to do. I have never done this before so it would be interesting to give it a try and a good excuse to finally fly a Tengu. On the other hand diving down the wspace chain is just too tempting. Decisions, decisions.

Trying to share

An upside of getting more rest: I feel much more creative again. Since things have balanced out I felt motivated again to brush up on my Illustrator and Photoshop skills, something I have neglected for quite some time. I also have a small Wacom tablet but drawing is still a challenge with it. My sketches tend to look better than the final product. There is no rush, so I don’t mind.

Opposite to Eve I never feel the urge to continue when I work on images. When scanning there is always one more signature I want to resolve before I leave. Not when I draw. I notice that it is getting late, save my stuff and go to bed. Regardless, I am looking forward to finishing a piece though I am rarely happy with it.

Over the last months I have made a few things I feel /r/eve might like. I just need to set up a gallery but WordPress turns out to be extremely user-unfriendly when it comes to it.

Well, this is awkward

It has been a while since I wrote something. Not that I wrote a lot to begin with. But things have changed quite a bit in RL and I am still trying to adjust.

For the past years I’ve been having constant muscle spasms in my back – in the last year at least once per day. These in turn led to a constantly sore back which in turn led to bad sleep which in turn led to even worse spams. 2 different physicians looked into this and both sent me to physio and gave me sleeping pills to get more rest. However the problem never really went away.

In January I started to suspect that those spasms might not be muscle related at all. The main giveaway was the major seizure I had in the afternoon. I don’t remember a lot but according to my wife it was a combination of screaming, shaking and blacking out. The following weeks were filled with test and hospital visits, which is mainly a pain because the US medical system was designed by a braindead donkey and in my state the donkey had help from a family of mushrooms.

After they ruled out cancer (yay!) the doctors decided that it might be time to consult a neurologist. So now – after even getting a second opinion – I am a certified epileptic, a rather rare thing to happen in during adulthood. It could have been worse. My driving license is not going to be revoked. The meds are working surprisingly well. I tore my shoulder muscles during my big seizure but luckily I didn’t bite my tongue.

I initially didn’t plan to write about this. Now that I can control it I don’t feel that this is a big deal anymore. But I have been told to keep a diary of my seizures for myself and possible future consultations with my doctor. Epilepsy forums are a very depressing place to be and they don’t appreciate my style of shitposting (Somebody asked how she was supposed to cope with this and I suggested Taylor Swift’s Shaking song. They labelled me as a troll.). Writing on paper is not the best idea when the kid decides that everything is a canvas. Continuing this blog seems to be an acceptable compromise.

Willow has been spinning ships since a couple of weeks now. Her corp got evicted from the C4, apparently because our CEO was not popular among the wormhole community. I am very bad with following Eve politics and only learned about the reasons from the various Reddit posts. Personally I enjoyed most of my time there and don’t regret joining them. But since I anyway have to rethink my play style the eviction was a good excuse to drop corp and dock up.

All my accounts have been payed for a while so I can play Skilltraining Online and put all those skills on my list I have been avoiding until now: Willow got into Logi 5 and two Cruiser 5. My main (Yes, I consider Willow an alt. I might explain later.) is finishing up a few more Mem/Int skills before switching to all the Per/Will skills. All my toons are researching BPO, something which requires even less attention than PI.

I am still not sure how I can adjust my erratic playstyle to the new situation. We’ll see.