My computer decided to die a few weeks ago and I didn’t have a lot of time to build a new one. Now that I have it assembled I realized that my build doesn’t support Windows 7 which in turn makes it difficult to run Adobe CS6. I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts on Adobes current subscription model so I will have to figure out an alternative. Also, I hate Windows 10.

I still like to browse r/eve and the most recent drama is about an doxxing effort. Doxxing refers to the practice of obtaining the real-life address of a player in order to take harmful actions towards the player outside the game. Quite a childish, yet dangerous, behavior, which requires swift and severe punishment.

As usual, I am confused about the details since this seems to be a Null-Sec issue and I am just not able to keep track of all the political factions and agreements between them. Wormhole politics are so much easier to understand. This let me to draw the piece below during a rather dry webcast.



CSM 12


CCP released the CSM 12 summit notes. I rarely think about the CSM, mainly because I have no clue about advanced game mechanics, ship balance etc. But it was still an interesting read. A few things I noticed:

  • One of the issues which were raised several times was the lack of communication from CCP which leaves the impression that CCP doesn’t really care about the community. I agree.
  • “looking into this”, “aware of this”, “keeping it in mind” were common responses from CCP.
  • Regarding Fanfest: “CCP Guard says that a lot of the “goofy shit” such as permaband and videos was brought up in water cooler discussions. In the current climate that can’t happen but the future holds many things.” Makes me think that work atmosphere within CCP is not the greatest but I might overinterpret things.
  • Clearly no love for wormhole space: Ctrl+F “wormhole” lead to no results; Ctrl+F “WH” lead to one result: Drifters. SAD!



If you haven’t noticed yet: I like making stuff. Scribbling, sketching, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. But job, family and my non-existent ability to commit to something leave me with many unfinished projects. There is a comic I would like to do. Some pixel art I’ve started. Lots of scribbles.

Yet, my drawing tablet is still in a moving box somewhere. I haven’t touched it in months. (And yes, there are still some unopened moving boxes). Thanks to a stomach flue I am stuck at home and finally felt like finishing some pieces.

To me one of the most fascinating things in Eve is to see how people interact. Corps are the most common way to play with like-minded friends and learn how to navigate Eve many niches. But then there are the Null-sec and Low-sec alliances, where the level of commitment is mind boggling. To me at least.

You have hundreds of players willing to follow a small number of leaders. I would understand if it was for the sake of combat. But in many cases they contribute by bringing their everyday skills to the table: setting up servers, making websites, writing scripts etc. Even I do this once in a while (more about this later). As a result alliance leaders become public figures, which in Eve’s case means lots of coverage on Reddit and Eve-Media.

I always thought it would be funny to draw them in a way people describe them on Reddit. Below you’ll find two of my brain farts: Gobbins (Pandemic Horde) and The Mittani (Goonswarm Federation). Hopefully I’ll be able to finish more in the future.


A year of Eve and r/eve


My kid has something we call “Wimmelbuch” in German. I think the closest thing for Americans might be “Where is Waldo”.  I always wanted to do something similar for the things I read on r/eve. Over the holidays I decided to give it a try. Browsing through the “Best of” section made me realize how many stories which had happened I forgot.

Maybe it’s me, I do have memory problems. Or maybe it’s human nature that we tend to forget about drama and adapt instead. Though I do like to believe that the current drama and outrage we see in Eve (citadels, economy and lack of communication) will have a longer lifespan than usual, I am not willing to bet Isk on it.

To get back to the picture: I had planned to redraw and color this once done but as so many of my projects I stopped midway and never found the time to complete it. Maybe I’ll do it one day. But like with the drama I am not willing to bet Isk on it.

Another case of D’Oh

I think I mentioned it before: The anti-seizure medication I have to take comes with a number of rather annoying side effects. Among them: Nightmares. A particularly bad one woke me up in the middle of the night and falling asleep again was impossible for a while. So, gaming it was.

After having spent a lot of time annoying the Sanshas I decided to leave them alone for now. My next goal is the northwest, where the Serpentis Corporation runs their shady business operations. Remembering my previous mistake I made sure this time to actually tank for the Serpentis damage profile: Kinetic and Thermal.

Within a few jumps I scanned down “Serpentis Narcotics Warehouses“, a 3/10 DED site and perfect to test out my new fit. Everything worked out well and even the loot fairy was on my site. A drop of roughly 90mil of loot made me a happy explorer. A few jumps later I found a “Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site“; eager to collect more loot and confident that I could take the damage easily, I took the gate.

It wasn’t until I reached the last pocked when I realized my mistake. Out of habit I had added an active tank, which is alright when you fly with your wormhole hunter but less than optimal when you do combat exploration. Willow always compensated for that with a cap booster, but that one has been replaced with a relic analyzer. And while I did tank quite nicely I knew that my time was very limited since my cap ran out fast. Of course I had to warp just when I had the boss in structure, leaving my drones behind.

Now I am sitting in station, annoyed about my mistake. My market alt has bought all the modules I need to fix the current fit and I am waiting for the hauler to drop it off. Better luck next time. I think I can go sleep again.