Moving Ops

I am a messy person. I am a hoarder, both in real life and in Eve. I never realized how much I had hoarded until I unsubbed to accounts and started transferring their assets to my trader alt. There are countless system where my wormhole alt and my logi pilot had left stuff behind: ships, modules, loot. While I did start trashing items or shipping them to Jita I still have a long way to go.

Unfortunately my efforts have been interrupted by a real life moving op. My family moved a few miles closer to the beach. We still hate this city but the new place makes it a bit more bearable. And, like in Eve, I realized that I have too much stuff. 60% of it are toys and toddler clothing. My wife and me started throwing/giving away a lot of things but still, the moving boxes wouldn’t stop piling up. And to think that we moved to this country with only 3 big bags…

Anyway, my gaming computer is still somewhere buried under some boxes and it will take a while until I get to connect it. And I still don’t know whether I will be able to go online right away since our new place has wireless internet and my home build machine had always difficulties with it. I fill the time with following r/Eve and making silly comics. But I can’t wait to fly again.

On a side note: It’s been quite a while since I had a seizure. Nice.


Op Success(ish)?

As I mentioned previously I┬áhad the idea to seed a Low-Sec market. The goal was not to make lots of Isk, that would have been very unrealistic. I rather wanted a small, consistent customer base and competition trying to take over these customers. I had told myself that I would consider my op a success as soon as other people would start selling in “my” system and undercutting my prices.

Since then some kind of routine had settled in. Twice per week I would check the orders and restock if necessary. Most of the time it was just the usual combination of consumables such as drones and ammo. Other items sold in waves: For instance, for weeks nobody would touch T2 blasters. And then, within a day, somebody bought 20 pieces at once. Same with rigs.

By the end of October I noticed that I started to sell less and less. A closer look at the local market showed me why: Competition! From what I can see, two new traders have started selling their products. One sits in another NPC station, the other one operates from a citadel. They are both undercutting me rather aggressively, selling their items below production cost (at least I suspect that). So, op success, I guess. I might not have gotten the consistency regarding sales but at least my activity had encouraged other players to give it a try. Time to move on.

I took down most of the items which never (or extremely rarely) sold: T2 shields (PvP tends to be armor heavy), T2 damage rigs, meta items, certain types of ammo. Funny enough, when I relisted them in Dodixie I actually made a bit of profit because the price of many T2 items had spiked thanks to the latest moon goo changes. Left behind are things I am either too lazy to transport or I believe will sell over time.

In summary:

  • I invested roughly 2.7 bil Isk. I did not track every Isk I made since I did not care about profits. From what I can see I made about 300mil Isk profit since my start in June. Basically nothing for 5 months but Isk was never the issue.
  • Other players noticed and started selling as well. They did not compete in all areas I had covered but I suppose they are still experimenting.
  • My best sellers in terms of volume were: cynosural field generator, liquid ozone, Warrior II drones, Hobgoblin II drones, Calday Navy Cap Boosters of every flavor, Cargohold expanders (?), warp core stabiliziers (I and II), Sisters probes and Sisters combat probes. Most of them had been listed at Jita sell +10%.
  • Big profit items were: Faction drones and soldier tags.

Some of these items are not being sold yet by the others but that’s just a matter of time. If I feel like it I might continue selling cynos and tags in Low-Sec. I am kind of proud of what has happened. It would have been nice had my profits come from selling many different items instead of just a few. But I guess I should have done more research for that to happen. Anyway, it was a fun experience. Time to try something else.

Slimming down

While recovering my passwords (again), I noticed that the subscriptions for both Willow and my Incursion runner are running out. And I have come to the decision that I won’t resubscribe them for a while. I simply don’t have the time to justify 3 accounts. Or rather: I don’t have the time when I need it most.

My day usually starts at 0500. One hour in the gym, then waking up the kid and getting ready for the day. We come home at 1800, cook dinner and hopefully have a bit of playing time with the poop machine before I have finish some work. Around 2200 we head to bed. This gives me about one hour I could steal for Eve. Not enough for Incursions and for sure not enough for wormhole hunting. If I try to stay up longer I tend to get sloppy at work and in the worst case have seizures.

Weekends are usually better but I don’t want to cram everything I could do into two days. It is still supposed to be a game. The little time I have is however enough to do exploration and trading. And for the occasional things I draw and make. So my main will stay, at least for a few months more. I know I will miss the hunt but my health comes first.

Silly Stuff 1

I hate it when people are late. Especially when it is in situations where I can’t do much else. Today a meeting got delayed for a whole hour because of bad traffic. Too long for me but not long enough to warrant a trip back to the office. So I spend my time drawing. It’s not the most sophisticated work to be honest I am not good at drawing to begin with. I’ve been working on a few things on and off over the months but never had the energy to finish them. I should try again I guess.



For the first time in years I had taken some extended time off from work. Unfortunately this didn’t mean that I could relax. Our parents had been annoyed by the fact that they hadn’t seen our kid for 3 years know, apparently sending pictures was not enough. Anyway, I am back, with a few pounds more and a few hundred unread work emails.

Willow had been sleeping in a C2 wormhole during the trip and it was time to wake her up. Just for a bit though, there was still plenty of rl stuff to take care off after the 24 hour trip. Some quick scanning to make sure that I had all sigs, that was it. A few hours later I am back and the first thing I notice: sleeper wrecks on dscan! And a Brutix!

The ship is not in an anomaly but at one of the relic sites. The pilot is part of Wingspan and I wonder whether more of them are in the chain. So I spend a few minutes just watching him. The sleepers are eating his drones and he tries to save them by constantly calling them back. Zooming in I notice that he is rail fit which doesn’t help if the frigs are after you.

Just when I am ready to warp in the ship warps off. Confused I dscan around and find him at one of the planets. Did he get cold feet? Was is just a biobreak? A few minutes later he returns only to continue to struggle with the frigates. His first flight of Hobgoblins is already gone. After what feels like ages he finally enters the last wave and…warps off again. By now I am really frustrated and don’t really care anymore if his friends are around.

The site despawns (is that normal when you get to the last wave?) and he warps back, on top of his MTU. I align, warp and land 5k off him. Decloak, lock, scram, neut. The drones are out and the AB on. Like a maniac I am spamming dscan but nothing shows up. In fact he is not even targeting me. Only when he is in half armor does he bother to lock me and send his remaining drones. They tickle a bit and I decide to ignore them for now. His guns can’t track me so the damage ain’t bad.

He offers me a ransom but I don’t even consider it. It has been too long since I killed something and I don’t care about Isk. The ship pops, his pod warps off and we exchange GF in local. While looting his wreck I shoot the MTU and pick up what’s worth picking. I also get a bounty payout.


A subsequent convo clarifies a lot of the things which had confused me: back after a hiatus, testing fit and an overview which didn’t show him enemy ships had made it very easy for me. He took it with humor and we chatted a bit about wormholes, corps and what to do next. A very friendly pilot and a nice welcome back present from Bob. Praise him!




Little Critters poop too

After what feels like ages I am finally able to log in again without getting a socket closure every time I look away. In the morning I quickly scanned down the C2 I had parked Willow in before heading out to do family stuff. A few hours later the kid is tired and watching TV, so I can finally get some me-time.

The first thing I see is lots of sleeper wrecks on dscan. What confuses me is what is slaughtering all these sleepers: Two Dominix. Again, I am in a C2 and using two of those feels like using a tank to attack a cyclist. But I am not complaining, this is the first time in ages I have prey and several great connections to get people in. Yes, the guys did not bother to roll any holes. Besides the 3 statics I have two high-sec connections to Amarr and Dodixie.


Since my Stratios won’t be able to take them alone I start batphoning like a maniac. And to say that there seemed to be little interest is an overstatement. Literally nobody responded to my pleas. In the end I even resorted to Wingspans channel only to get a “I think you are in the wrong channel.”

One thing I notice during this time is that they are not salvaging at all. I see no MTU or any salvaging ship on dscan. Hoping that I can at least gank the dude who will clean up I follow the pilots and bookmark each site they clear. After about 8 sites I see them warp off to the null-sec static and park myself 30k off it. A few minutes later I hear hole activation and get ready for…a Thrasher. Yaaaay! Interestingly, the pilot warps from site to site and drops one MTU after the other. I did not expect that but I don’t question Bob’s ways and get ready to receive his gift.


Warping to the site I assume will despawn first I see the Thrasher diligently collecting wreck after wreck. At this point I should have waited until he had salvaged several sites just to increase the potential loot but the months without content have made me inpatient and I go for it without thinking: orbit, decloak, target, launch drones (wait for blob or stab-supported warp off). But I am lucky. Nobody shows up, nothing on dscan and the ship pops. The pilot waves in local and warps off in his pod. I don’t see any reason to chase him and go for the MTU instead.

Shortly after I finish the first one I see a Hurricane on dscan and I decide that it is time to leave. No idea who else will jump in when I try to take him. The loot is meh but as we say in my home country: Small critters poop too. I happily wait out the aggression time and log off. My dry spell is hopefully over. Praise Bob!