Update: Seeding a Low-Sec market

A few weeks ago I started my project of seeding a Low-Sec market. The main goal is not Isk (as I said, there won’t be a lot of profit, if at all), I just want to see if I could do it. Right now I plan to stop when I see that 2 or more competitors are starting to participate, forcing me to adjust prices. Having actual local competition would tell me that others consider this place a good place to sell, basically a market place.

I started with mainly selling the fits for a kiting and a brawling Tristan. In addition I brought is basic consumables people might need: ammo, repair paste, cap boosters. My small ancillary armor reppers usually sold within minutes, I assume that somebody wanted to flip them since I sold them below the regional average. I feel bad for the last person since on the next day CCP finally raised the probability of SAAR BPC drops. Since then the price has dropped by roughly 60%. Because CCP said that the change in drop rate would only be temporary I assume that many traders will hoard them right now betting that the prices might rise again.


It took a while but eventually people started buying; on average I make 30 sales per day. I know that this is peanuts but since I am starting at 0 this is still quite nice. Interestingly there are things which don’t seem to sell at all or only slowly: Mainly equipment such as scram, webs, drones. I assume that the notorious pilots in that area already have a stockpile in their hangars and that it will take a while for these piles to deplete. Also many might not have realized yet that these things are now on the local market. Another possibility: People don’t bother with frigs and go for bigger stuff and/or T2 ships. When I go through my sales list there are some regular customers now. They mainly stock up on consumables such as ammo and stuff. On their killboard I see that these players rarely loose ships so I am not too surprised.


Bottom line: There does seem to be a group of players willing to buy more local. So a market could be possible. Now I have to figure out, what exactly these players want. I might have to dive more into the data and filter out the most common players to see what they are losing. I am just too lazy to write something for that.

A long time ago I had an alt who did nothing but look for offline High-Sec POS and wardec the owners. If they didn’t respond I would then go and shoot the modules hoping for gigantic loot pinatas. Unfortunately that never happened but a few of them actually dropped a significant amount of minerals which had been collecting dust until now. Since I won’t use them for anything I decided to build Thrashers and Vexors. While the minerals are still not completely free (the cost of wardecs + time to get that stuff to a central place) building these ships is still cheap for me. They are now on the market, together with mods to try out different fits. And after reading Sugar Kyles post again I stocked up on Liquid Ozone, Cynos and Expanded Cargoholds. I don’t really get why but for some reason Cargoholds sell very well. I

Right now I spend 2 days a week hauling things to the station and setting up sell orders. I don’t want to spend more time on this. My next goal: Increasing daily sales by 50% (so 45/day). Kyle wrote that it took several month for things to take off so I am fine with baby steps. My current investments are roughly 2.7 bil.


Cleaning up

When I went on hiatus my overview had been a complete mess, a horrific patchwork of things I randomly added when I needed them. Once in a while I would try to start all over and reset everything, just to end up with the same mess again.

In the beginning my Go-to-package was the Sara Shawa overview package. I later switched to KisOver, because it felt less complicated to handle. But the issue remains: Overview packages are nothing but templates, you need to customize them. Sometimes it feels as if there are not enough brackets to cover all the situations you would like to address with your overview: Exploration, PvP, Drones, Logi, All etc. Then there are the settings you just need for your dscan. In wormhole life you need at least 2 tabs to scan down POS. Though this will become a thing of the past.

I struggle with assigning custom colors to different pilot statuses, always have.As soon as my fleet is a bit larger I see a wild mix of grey and red even though I thought that I had managed to keep friends and foes apart. If I do, suddenly I have also all drones in my overview. It is an ongoing battle. I hope that I can get it right this time.

Since we are at it, is there an easier way to delete lots of the presets? Pretty sure that there is one, I just haven’t read about it yet.

Eve Vegas 2016

I never considered attending Eve Vegas as Willow. While I blog as her I do not see her as my main character. Willow has no real connections to any player base and it would have been a rather lonely visit. My main is in a large corp and it was a great way to meet them in real life.

I did not have any expectations when I landed in Vegas. I didn’t think that I would experience anything groundbreaking. As I suspected the meeting is more of a socializing event. While people do have the chance to interact with the devs (which all were incredibly nice and open, quite surprisingly considering how much the /r/eve community likes to shit on them).

The meeting also allowed me to meet some Eve celebrities: Chribba (most trusted man in Eve), Steve Ronuken (CSM member and terrific contributor of various Eve tools, owner of a majestic beard), The Mittani (Goon leader), Graygal (founder of Redemption Road), Neville Smit (long time Eve blogger), Myxee (Signal Cartel CEO), Johnny Splunk (Eve Scout CEO). The list goes on. It was funny to realize how much the image I head of these players differed so much from reality. I blame the avatars.

I don’t drink so the pub crawl was kind of wasted on me. I am also not a huge gambler so I did the only thing a dad does when he is alone in Vegas: I laid naked on my bed, with a huge pizza on my belly and watched TV. Don’t judge me, my wife would have done the same. I asked her.

I attended some of the round table discussions and the most interesting to me was the one addressing the New Player Experience. I did not expect many people there but the room was full and we did not have time to go through all questions. For me this is a good sign, telling me that Eve veterans still care about this. A cynic might say that taking care of new players is their way of making sure that their beloved game lives on.

It will take some time for me to digest what has been discussed during that round table. I have some thoughts which were not really shared by the others but I still would like to write them down.

One huge disappointment was the Eve Merch store. The fact that CCP tends to neglect their opportunities to make money selling Eve merch is an ongoing joke in the community and what I saw there only reinforced that. Nothing really exciting and everything rather expensive. I was especially annoyed by their (very limited) t-shirt collection and had a discussion with the CCP employee in charge of merch. He was open to suggestions but I suspect that this was not more than a polite way of telling me to fuck off.

Was it worth attending? Again, I did not expect anything so everything I experienced was pleasant. I am not sure yet, whether I will attend again next year but I wouldn’t rule it out.


I am not a great PvP pilot. Hell, I am not even a decent PvP pilot. I am however, good at scanning and have no problem doing it for hours. This time it finally paid off: when I jump into a C3 I notice wrecks on dscan. A bit of warping around and I find 2 Raven running sites.

But Bob, lord of wspace, is not one to give freely and has denied me a kspace connection. So there is no chance of batphoning for support. Here is how bad I am: I ask the other wormholers what I should do. One suggests that I take them on solo with my Stratios. While it turned out later that he and his friends were simply trolling me I took that advise and went for it. I am glad I [did](https://zkillboard.com/kill/56101480/). I guess I should be less risk averse.


Living in California has its perks: great beaches, sunny weather, beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately living here, being a dad and playing solo is not a great combination. When I can log the majority of the Eve population is either asleep or just about to wake up. And accordingly I rarely find anything worth hunting and when I do it is often to big to take on alone.

At least the latter one has become less of a problem since Trinket told me about a wormhole channel I could use for batphoning. I had briefly joined his corp, Sudden Buggery, but had to drop out soon after due to health reasons. However, he is an incredibly helpful player and had given me some great advice since then.

Anyway, hunting during my time zone can be incredibly frustrating. If CCP would introduce tumbleweed w-space would be full of it when I log in. While I can keep myself busy using my main sometimes I want nothing but hunt something only to catch nothing but a lame Epithal after hours of scanning.

You might ask yourself why I don’t join a corp? I feel that joining one might not be the best experience for them. I can’t guarantee that I will be there when they need me (there are times when I can’t log in for days) and I don’t want to be that one antisocial asshole. In addition, poop machine (my kid) has the tendency to come for me when something exciting is about to happen. There are plenty of time when I had to hold back because of that. And I will not prioritize a game over my kid. If she wants to play, I go play.  However, something has to change. I am not sure yet what though.


As I unanchor the last Pos module I feel a kind of relief. It has been almost 2 months since I set up my Dickstar Pos in my little Wolf-Rayet C2 wormhole. And in the beginning it seemed like a good idea: Have a solid base in wspace, be able to easily swap ships when necessary etc. But it turned out that there are, at least for me, more cons than pros for living solo in a Pos.

I have always enjoyed w-space. I scanned my first wormhole down when my pilot was one week into the game, jumped in, died. From that moment I was hooked. Wormholes are unpredictable, in a sense that you never know where they will take you. While the signature is able to give you some intel (which class of wormhole) you will never know what is on the other side unless you jump in. Will it be camped? Are there locals? Can you hunt them? Will they hunt you?

But since I play alone maintaining the Pos was no fun. The fuel runs annoyed me since I had to juggle several alts in order to make sure that the entry was safe. One day some Goons decided to annoy me and due to my weird play times I don’t have anybody I could have batphoned for help. I also realized that I spend more time care bearing than I wanted: gas reactions, invention, running sites. It might have been more fun in a group.

This is a game and you should never do anything in it which you don’t enjoy. So I decided to take the Pos down and become a space nomad again. I don’t know whether I will sell the parts, I might keep them as a souvenir. But I know that I will not try to do this again, at least not solo.

It feels good to be free. No commitments, no roots. Let’s see what happens.


This blog was supposed to be mainly about Eve Online, a beautiful sandbox game I like to play. Since I started the blog, things have changed quite a bit, mainly because I have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Combined with family life this is dramatically reducing my time to play. I compensate by shitposting a lot on /r/eve.

Don’t expect too much from this blog. I just need a place to where I can collect both my thoughts and shitty designs I make from time to time.

Also, I suck at this game. Bigly.