Tasting blood

Maybe resubbing Willow was a bad idea. The first weekend hunting went quite well and now I have tasted blood. I had parked my char in a shattered wormhole with 3 statics. It seemed like a good place to start my operation, with enough options should one of the chains be shorter than expected.

I like to have at least one kspace exit, in case I need to batphone. A few jumps from home I end up in lowsec close to a hub. Perfect. I bookmark the entry and plan to jump back when I notice a Porpoise and a Covetor on dscan, plus 2 ventures. Only 4 people are in local, all belong to one corp. Soon I am on grid, admiring their moon mining activities. At first, I am wary. There is always the possibility of cyno bait. But looking at their killboard, most of the kills seem to come from NPSI fleets and none of the losses shows a cyno. I am good to go.

I warp to the asteroid close to the Porpoise, decloak and lock it up. Just when my drones start to land the pilot locks me up and starts to fight back: It’s a battle Porpoise, something one should not underestimate. I am too much on adrenaline to realize that I should kill the drones, instead it comes down to us trying to neut each other out. I overheat everything and start aligning out. I miss a number of rep cycles due to me being dumb and start getting nervous when we both go into low armor.

Just when I am in structure and ready to warp off the ship pops. We exchange gf in local, together with friendly messages for each other’s mother, then I jump back into the wormhole. At one point I find a HS connection. Right after bookmarking it I hear hole activation. A Vexor decloakes, launching probes. The ship pops, so does the pod. Turns out, the pilots is new and didn’t really know where he had ended up. I am happy for every person I can lead towards the path of Bob so I take the time to explain what had happened.

I am ready to call it a night when a Drake shows up on dscan. I warp to the hole and can’t believe what I see: A pilot is rolling the hole in a Drake. And he does not wait for his polarization timer to run out, jumping back immediately. 80% sure that it is not bait I go for it. But again, I am reminded of the fact that my fit does not provide a lot of DPS. The ship is passive fit, easily holds tank and decides to jump through the hole after a few minutes. Funny thing is that it collapsed after him. I hope he had probes with him.

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