Cleaning up

When I went on hiatus my overview had been a complete mess, a horrific patchwork of things I randomly added when I needed them. Once in a while I would try to start all over and reset everything, just to end up with the same mess again.

In the beginning my Go-to-package was the Sara Shawa overview package. I later switched to KisOver, because it felt less complicated to handle. But the issue remains: Overview packages are nothing but templates, you need to customize them. Sometimes it feels as if there are not enough brackets to cover all the situations you would like to address with your overview: Exploration, PvP, Drones, Logi, All etc. Then there are the settings you just need for your dscan. In wormhole life you need at least 2 tabs to scan down POS. Though this will become a thing of the past.

I struggle with assigning custom colors to different pilot statuses, always have.As soon as my fleet is a bit larger I see a wild mix of grey and red even though I thought that I had managed to keep friends and foes apart. If I do, suddenly I have also all drones in my overview. It is an ongoing battle. I hope that I can get it right this time.

Since we are at it, is there an easier way to delete lots of the presets? Pretty sure that there is one, I just haven’t read about it yet.


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