Goals? Goals! Goals…

Thinking about what to do next reminded me of the Eve Vegas NPE roundtable. CCP Ghost (I think) sat down with the attendees to discuss the upcoming changes and listen to the thoughts of the community. While the question of whether player suggestions actually have an effect on the game is an ongoing topic of debate it was still interesting to hear what the bittervets had to say.

People were very passionate about pointing out how frustrating a ship loss can be at the beginning, causing people to rage quite early into the game. For example: Nobody is warning newbros about how bad autopiloting is and why. The perfect prey for all gate campers. CCP Grey seemed a bit surprised by this. It remains to be seen whether something will be done about this.

What I would like to see from CCP is reminding new players that Eve is a sandbox and what this actually means. A common theme among the newbro posts on Reddit seem to revolve around what they should do and that they don’t enjoy where they currently are. Of course these posts are just a tiny snapshop of the New Eden community and I am already biased but I would like to believe that there is a bit of truth in it.

Below an image displaying rough breakdown of the vast number of possibilities Eve has to offer. It is rather old but still relevant. I am sorry, I don’t remember who made it.



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