Trying to share

An upside of getting more rest: I feel much more creative again. Since things have balanced out I felt motivated again to brush up on my Illustrator and Photoshop skills, something I have neglected for quite some time. I also have a small Wacom tablet but drawing is still a challenge with it. My sketches tend to look better than the final product. There is no rush, so I don’t mind.

Opposite to Eve I never feel the urge to continue when I work on images. When scanning there is always one more signature I want to resolve before I leave. Not when I draw. I notice that it is getting late, save my stuff and go to bed. Regardless, I am looking forward to finishing a piece though I am rarely happy with it.

Over the last months I have made a few things I feel /r/eve might like. I just need to set up a gallery but WordPress turns out to be extremely user-unfriendly when it comes to it.


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