I am not a great PvP pilot. Hell, I am not even a decent PvP pilot. I am however, good at scanning and have no problem doing it for hours. This time it finally paid off: when I jump into a C3 I notice wrecks on dscan. A bit of warping around and I find 2 Raven running sites.

But Bob, lord of wspace, is not one to give freely and has denied me a kspace connection. So there is no chance of batphoning for support. Here is how bad I am: I ask the other wormholers what I should do. One suggests that I take them on solo with my Stratios. While it turned out later that he and his friends were simply trolling me I took that advise and went for it. I am glad I [did](https://zkillboard.com/kill/56101480/). I guess I should be less risk averse.


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